Flow Mk-1 Product Series

Flow Mk-1

The Flow Mk-1 is a lab instrument, comprising disposable microfluidic chips and touch-screen equipped benchtop reader, that provides users with highly accurate measurements of two of the most important parameters that a scientist needs to know in any protein experiment: concentration and size.

The Flow Mk-1 can accurately determine the size of species ranging from single amino acids to large multimeric complexes and measure protein concentrations in ranges down to the single-digit nanomolar level. The volume of sample required for a measurement can be as low as one microliter, with no concentration, filtration pre-labelling or other sample preparation required.



The technology underlying the Flow Mk-1 exploits the properties of protein solutions in steady state laminar flow. This approach allows the Flow Mk-1 to quickly distinguish proteins and biomolecular complexes in aqueous solution by monitoring their diffusion in real time. High detection sensitivity and the ability to operate with unlabelled samples is achieved with proprietary protein chemistry fully implemented on chip.

This technology will aid novel studies examining difficult-to-size biomolecules and protein-protein interactions, as well as routine protein quality and concentration checks following purification or manipulation.

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Flow Mk-1i

The Flow Mk-1i is a benchtop lab instrument operated using disposable chips that will allow users to quickly and easily perform basic quantitative immunoassays and aims to replace western blots in many applications with a fully automated, fast and cost-effective solution. The Flow Mk-1i is the second product in Fluidic Analytics’ pipeline product, and is scheduled for first shipment in early 2018.

The Flow Mk-1i will enable the size and concentration of specific target species to be determined in complex solutions such as cell lysates and blood plasma. Crucially, the total measurement time – including all sample preparation and incubation – for most immunoassays performed using the Flow Mk-1i is anticipated to be significantly less than 30 minutes, with minimal manual preparation steps.

The Flow Mk-1i is based on the same characterisation platform approach employed by the Flow Mk 1 combined with target-specific immunoprobes. A wide range of immunoprobes are being investigated to ensure the largest possible coverage of target species.

Parallelised diffusive sizing and immunodetection will aid investigations looking at the expression of protein targets in clinically relevant media. The compatibility of the Flow Mk-1i with such polydisperse environments will provide physiologically-relevant binding partner interaction information for users’ proteins of interest.

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Flow Mk-1m

The Flow Mk-1m is a lab instrument featuring automated fluid handling that allows users to characterise protein-protein interactions entirely in solution. First shipment of the Flow Mk 1m is anticipated in 2019.

The Flow Mk-1m will allow users to examine biomolecular binding kinetics by measuring on rates, off rates and KD. Like the Flow Mk-1, the Flow Mk-1m will perform measurements with both binding partners in solution rather than attached to a surface. This approach has the key advantage that it avoids the problems, time and cost associated with surface functionalisation and binding-partner orientation that are associated with conventional methods to probe protein-protein interactions.

This instrument will support advanced applications for users looking for detailed kinematic analysis, and for those working in the protein engineering, drug- and biotherapeutics-development industries.

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Custom Applications

Fluidic Analytics is always looking for researchers who are interested in collaborating for the development of new applications and instruments. If you are interested in discussing a particular customisation of one of the instruments above or how our products and technologies might fit into your research, please contact us.