Our New Technology

Fluidic Analytics develops next generation tools for protein science. Our fundamentally new steady-state laminar flow platform allows proteins to be characterised in solution, under native conditions, quickly, cost-effectively and accurately. This platform brings together–on a single disposable chip–all of the fundamental steps of protein analysis, delivering a “sample in – data out” workflow that is rapid, simple and involves minimal sample preparation. Our technology looks to facilitate studies that distinguish proteins in simple solutions, cell lysates, or even complex mixtures, like blood plasma, by simultaneously and sensitively measuring their key properties such as concentration, size, molecular weight and charge. And because our technology works best in extremely small volumes under physiological conditions, even highly complex protein solutions will be characterised rapidly, in small sample volumes and without extensive sample preparation.

The Fluidic Analytics platform characterises the properties of biomolecules and their interactions using novel approaches enabled by microfluidics. Our platform analyses proteins in solution under native conditions, obviating the need for tagging or labelling proteins before analysis. Measurements are conducted in label-free aqueous conditions at physiological pH, meaning that proteins and their interactions are assayed in their native conformations and without artefacts introduced by bulky tags or surface interactions. Applications of our platform include rapid size and concentration measurements, the detection of folding/unfolding, binding events, oligomerization, or aggregation, and binding constant determination.

The versatility of our platform and its compatibility with physiological conditions and native states give our technology the potential to make it easier, more accessible and more accurate to characterise the key characteristics of proteins that make our biological world function.