Introducing Fluidity One

In solution sizing and quantification of native protein in as little as 6 minutes

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  • The highest quality

    Characterisation 100% in solution
    No surfaces or matrices
    More robust, relevant results

  • The most accessible

    Microlitre sample requirements
    Sample to results quickly
    Access your data in the cloud

  • The easiest to use

    Minimal sample prep
    Modern, Android-based user interface
    Simple, standardisable workflows

  • Launching in 2019 - Fluidity One-W

    High sensitivity in solution analysis of changes in protein size for the study of interaction kinetics

    The Fluidity One-W uses microfluidic diffusional sizing in combination with visible wavelength detection to determine the hydrodynamic radius of a single species of protein in solution, even in complex mixtures such as cell lysates, using small sample volumes.

  • Fluidity One-I (in development)

    Measure the size and concentration of protein targets in complex mixtures such as cell lysates or blood plasma

    The Fluidity One-I combines diffusional sizing with immuno-labelling to selectively size and quantify chosen targets on a disposable chip

  • Disposable Microfluidic Chips

    Single-use injection molded chips for use with the Fluidity One for microfluidic diffusional sizing.

    MDS chips are supplied in multiples of 5 boxes (120 chips), and bundled with a reagent cartridge sufficient for their use.

  • Reagents Cartridge

    Reagent cartridge containing sufficient auxiliary fluid and latent protein label for 120 experiments.

    Includes our latent amine reactive label to ensure high sensitivity and low background

Compare our instruments

Instrument Fluidity One Fluidity One-W
What does it do? In-solution sizing and quantification of native protein in as little as 6 minutes High sensitivity in-solution analysis of changes in protein size for the study of interaction kinetics
Measurement Microfluidic diffusional sizing Microfluidic diffusional sizing
Detection approach Introduction of latent amine-reactive dye post measurement Excitation of pre-labelled fluorescent proteins and biomolecules
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The future

We're adapting our technology to a variety of different applications. Here's what we've got round the corner...

Immunolabelling on chip

Rather than labelling the total protein with an amine-reactive dye, or pre-labelling proteins with a fluorophore, we are currently exploring options for immuno-labelling on the chip, such that single species can be detected post-measurement. 

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High throughput MDS

To address the demand for sizing tens of samples (or more) in an automated manner, we are combining the Fluidity One with liquid handling capabilities. We are seeking partners interested in a commercial version of this instrument.

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Fluidic Analytics is changing how proteins are characterised

We're doing this with novel, cutting edge technology and a fantastic, committed team

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